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Ocean waves
Ocean waves


Whaley’s is committed to sourcing only sustainable seafood. We want to leave our rivers, streams and oceans more bountiful for generations to come.

In that spirit, we believe in full transparency in how we source our seafood. We work exclusively with purveyors that can trace the origin of every fish we use at Whaley’s. We are a proud partner of Seafood Watch, a comprehensive rating system to assure highly responsible seafood choices. All of our seafood meets their strict sustainability criteria.

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We give all of our used oyster shells to the Oyster Recovery Partnership, a non-profit that is working to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay. In partnership with Rappahannock River Oyster Company, we’ve created our very own River Keeper Oyster to celebrate the role that oysters play in restoring our waterways.

*Portion of all River Keeper oysters sales go to support the Anacostia River Keepers, advocates for clean water and healthy communities.

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability initiatives please shoot us a line at sustainability@whaleysdc.com!

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